Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip to Fallingwater and Monticello

Floor Plan of Fallingwater from memory

Over the weekend we took a class trip to Monticello in Virginia and Fallingwater in Pennsylvania.  Both architectural sites are truly amazing in their own right, but for me visiting Fallingwater was an fantastic experience.  I have studied Frank Lloyd Wright and his work for years and being able to actually see this amazing structure in person was somewhat surreal.  Going to Fallingwater felt like an architectural pilgrimage.  Wright is known for his use of contextualism and his ability to incorporate nature into his design.  Fallingwater is cantilevered over a waterfall with the design of the building incorporating the rocks the house was built on.  The beauty of the house comes from the nature around it and how the house is designed to mimic it's natural surroundings.  Wright's meticulous details from the cornerless corners to the staircase leading from the living room to the river are all meant to make the house more of an experience of nature, and I was ready to move right in.