Monday, December 6, 2010

Luminaire Final

For our final project in studio, we were to create a luminaire that portrayed the light effect of the solar light phenomenon we witnessed earlier this semester.  We were able to use a variety of materials that we had worked with throughout the semester.  My inspiration for this project came from a sunset I observed in Charleston.  The sunset illuminated the whole sky creating an array of warm colors that streaked across the horizon.  I wanted to create a luminaire that had a light effect that created an image on the wall that emulated the sunset.  Initially I had imagined creating a hanging light that focused on illuminating the room, but after many trials my light transformed in to a wall sconce with the effect predominately projecting on the wall.  I went through a variety of paper materials testing various options in sheerness and opaqueness.  I wanted the paper to be opaque enough so you couldn't see the light source, but sheer enough so the light could come through.  My final design used a textured cream colored paper that emitted a warm color as the light went through it.  Using balsam wood as the spine, I attached nine strips of paper of various widths a quarter inch apart to it adding another thinner piece of wood to the back to cover the joinery.  The strips of paper formed concentric circles going up and down from the center strip that covered the light source.  Also as I knew my light was going to hang on the wall, I wanted to use a lightweight type of wood.  Going back, I think I would have investigated other materials that were lightweight as well as durable, as I found that the balsam wood wasn't very sturdy.  Overall, I was very pleased with the outcome of my design, as it not only created the light effect I had envisioned, but it was also aesthetically appealing.

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