Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Visualization 112

For our first assignment of the Spring semester, we were to re-design the header to our blog with a new image that included a computerized font as well as a drawing of our own creation.  Both the drawing and the font were supposed to compliment our design aesthetic and point of view.  I choose to create a header that was very clean and simple, which is reflective of my design work.  The font that I chose was in the typewriter style, which is a very basic, non-flowery typeface.  It is very clear and precise and has a historic aspect to it that is timeless.  This element is very important to me and my work as my first degree is in historic preservation, and I am hoping base my designs with adaptive reuse in mind.  The other aspect of design that is significant to me is sustainable design/building, which is reflective in my decision to draw a leaf as my graphic.  Overall my header is a good representation of my point of view as a designer:  green, historic, timeless.

1 comment:

  1. It also resembles a Jesus Fish bumper decal.

    A hidden message, methinks?