Thursday, February 24, 2011

Theory Reading #3

This reading looks at the concept of personal space, and how a a certain environment can effect the way people not only use a space, but also interact in it.  The reading goes over many different studies looking at the ways people interact with each other depending on the situation or conversation.  The distance and location of where people sit to each other varies on what their relationship is to the other person.  People who are competitors are much more likely to sit across from each other compared to people engaged in a conversation who are more likely to sit closer together.  These concepts are important in designing a dining space as understanding the relationships of how people interact creates a more comfortable environment.  Some of these studies focused more on the interaction of strangers to each other, and this idea isn't as important to the design of our particular dining space as most of our designs are in a residence in which the people with whom they will be dining will most likely not be strangers.  But being aware of these concepts is always important  in order to consider all  potential situations.  Understanding how small groups naturally arrange themselves is incredibly important to designing a space.  Considering this in the size and shape of the table and the flow of the room and space allow the occupants to engage more easily with each other as well as feel more comfortable in general.  Understanding how a space is used is more important to good design than just having something that is aesthetically pleasing.  Great design  is being able to accomplish both.   

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