Sunday, October 3, 2010

Twig Project

For this project we had to design a "container" to hold twelve twigs of our finding using only paper and a binding agent.  This project focused on thinking outside the box in order to create an innovative holder that was specific to the twigs that we choose.  My design went through many transformations as I tried to create my ideal container.  Initially I designed a more cylindrical shape using textured gold paper and copper wire to create coils that attached the two sheets of paper as well as secured a place for the twigs.  Although the wire and paper choice were what I imagined, the design had some issues in that it did not seem to relate specifically to the twigs I chose.  I also tried changing the shape and laying it horizontally, but it still seemed to be lacking a definite relationship to my twigs.  My final design concept emphasized the slight curve of each individual twig using the copper wire to bind each twig to each other and to the gold paper.  It is meant to be more sculptural and to hang on the wall as a piece of art. 

My Final:

First Attempts:

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  1. Look at all the bug boats you made!

    I bet you could have built a wicked walking-stick container.