Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wood Project

In order to understand wood, which is one of the materials that we will be using to create our luminaire, our assignment was to cut a 2" by 4" by 18" section of wood at least five times, and then re-assemble the cut pieces into a connected system of parts using every cut piece.  The project was assigned in order for us to see the characteristics of wood as a material as well as to feel more comfortable using the tools in the wood shop. 
Initially when we were given this assignment, all of my ideas were incredibly complex and I wanted to create a system that was very intricate using many shapes and sizes of wood cuts.  After various drawings and different ideas, I took my first piece of wood down to the shop to try and figure out if I could create what I had envisioned.  I then realized I had no idea what I was doing in the wood shop or how to use any of the tools, so I opted for a much simpler design.  I decided to slice my piece of wood into six thin slices using the ban saw.  I then cut out notches in order to put them back together in a criss-cross design.  In hindsight I would of changed the notches' in that I would have done them at more of an angle in order to create a more secure place for the wood to come together, but this was a learning experience project, and I definitely feel much more comfortable in the shop and around the tools, and I have a much better idea as to what each of the tools do as well as the capabilities of wood as a material.  Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate what I have learned during this project in to my luminaire as well as any future projects involving wood. 

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